Surabhi Silver Jewelry Manufacture/OEM Process

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Professional Silver Jewelry Manufacturer

15+ years sterling silver jewelry manufacturer OEM experience, We developed a streamlined process to turn your design into the bestseller – we stand for the top quality sterling silver jewelry manufacturer in India. We can avoid most of the problems your customer concerns about sterling silver jewelry.

High Standard

All of our products are strictly made using 92.5% or higher purity of silver and our products are compliant with EU jewelry standard (EN 1811 – Nickel release / EN 12472 – Lead Content, Cadmium Content). As you may already know, the EU jewelry standards are the most strict jewelry standards in the world.

We are also capable of doing high-end/luxury/top-brand fine jewelry as your requirements, like:
  1. Over 10 years experienced, advisory 3D CAD designing with Rhino Gold/Zbrush/JewelCAD, to build aesthetic and detailed 3D design model.
  2. Leading technique to build the jewelry: direct metal printing, or batch 3D model printing manufacture without rubber mold, to keep the final jewelry sharply precise as the design.
  3. Multiple molding methods, including lost-wax rubber, oil pressure, punching, laser carving molds for your perfect final jewelry to choose from.
  4. Low minimum order quantity, we start to manufacture the jewelry at 25 pieces per style.

OEM / Custom Silver Jewelry Manufacturing Process $ Cost

1. Pre-design: Firstly we’ll discuss with you what you exactly need. We’ll build 2D sketch or 2D rendered sketch if necessary, then form a pre-design document for both of us to communicate. The process is totally free. The pre-design document is shown below,
1. Design in 3D Model: After we confirmed the pre-design and we’ll charge a design & sample making fee (normally $20 – $25 depend on design like the earring above, might increase if complexity and craftsmanship are high.) and start our 3D model design in jewelry CAD. We’ll discuss and revise the 3D model design back and forth by instant message, phone or email until all the requirements are met.
2. Sample Making: After 3D Model designs are confirmed by you, we’ll proceed to make the sample for you (around 5 – 9 days) and ship you the sample to confirm. More information on sample making, please refer to Make Your Own Fine Jewelry
3. Bulk Manufacture: If you are satisfied with everything, then the manufacturing order can be placed. Generally, the manufacturing time is 35 days under 3000 pieces. Manufacture time might get longer if the order is above 3000 pieces. The time contains quality assurance. Please be advised that there will be around 20 days delay during Indian Festivals
4. Acceptance: We’ll prepare an Acceptance Standards documentation to be the criteria for acceptance of the production batch. The technique parameters, quality inspection criteria, delivery time will be specified in the document to ensure a successful project.


Q : As this is the first time, I am just concerned if you are qualified to manufacture our product line, could you provide any evidence that you have?
A :Firstly, please browse our online products for similar ones that you are going to manufacture. Besides, during the free pre-design process, we’ll discuss and evaluate if we can do the job. We have jewelry designers over 10 years of experience and should give you useful jewelry suggestions.

Q :I have a picture of the jewelry, can you make that for me?
A :Sure, our jewelry designer will try to get all of the information on the jewelry you have, and advise the additional information to complete the jewelry.

Q: We have a project of 25 jewelry styles to manufacture, all have only a rough sketch, can you do those pieces of jewelry for me?
A: We can manage a product project for less than 100 designs simultaneously for one client. If it is the first time we manufacture your product, and the designs are more than 10, we suggest to separate to different phases, this is because you can make sure the jewelry is you want by receiving the real sample made.

Q: Our company are going to make top-level, high-end, luxury jewelry, are you capable of doing that?
A: Our factories have been already doing fine jewelry for top brands. In most cases you don’t need to pursue top-quality in your market, the real problem is whether the jewelry price and quality match your market. If you are a high-end/top-level/luxury jewelry brand, we’ll plan the manufacture with top standard – from design, casting, filing to finish, the same as top luxury brands do.

Q : What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) to manufacture my design?
A : There’s no minimum quantity restriction for making a sample. please refer to Make Your Own Fine Jewelry. The minimum quantity for manufacture the product at a wholesale price is 25 pieces per sample.

Q : Is the bulk manufacture order a mandatory if I ordered a sample making?
A : No, the bulk manufacture is not mandatory, you don’t need to continue if you don’t think it’s worth the bulk manufacture.

Q : How long is the manufacturing process?
A : In the designing phase, we’ll discuss with you back and forth to make sure we got all the information, this time span can be short if the jewelry complexity is low, or long if the jewelry complexity is high. For manufacture, it is under 35 days if manufacture lower than 3000 pieces and the time may get longer if order more than 3000 pieces.

Q : What payment do you accept for manufacture?
A :
● Sample Making: Full payment needs to be cleared before sample making.
● Bulk Manufacture: 30% – 40% payment including shipping must be cleared before manufacture starts. Then the rest payment must be cleared before shipment.
● Please note the transaction fee if any must be paid by the buyer as the small margin of the manufacture price.

Q : How about the shipment?
A : Our carrier partners FedEx will deliver in 10 days after the manufacturing process completed.