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Unleash Your Inner Sparkle with Our Exquisite Jewelry Collection - Elevate Your Style and Make Every Moment a Shining Memory with Us

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Surabhi International is one of the hardworking enthusiastic manufacturers for jewellery in india based in Noida the industrial town closest to the capital of india. Surabhi makes all kinds of jewellery in Gold,Silver,Brass. Surabhi International employs hardworking master craftsmens, brilliant production team to supervise and passionate designers to make the clients worldwide happy with what the company supply.

All supplies mare made and distributed through our base in Noida using the most efficient logistics and clearances to make the journey from placing an order to receiving the delivery smoothly. Surabhi’s expertise caters to retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers worldwide. Producing more and more and a visionary approach is how Surabhi could be described in a sentence. From its humble origin over sixteen years ago, we have evolved into a production force in world of jewellery.